Your package will not get seized in customs. We bypass customs and ship directly to you with the safest way possible. Although we cannot disclose how we do it, but we can GUARANTEE your package will be safe.

If you want to become a reseller we can give you good group rates. Minimum is 25 persons each order for reseller rates. You will have to email us personally, Submit our order then tell us the order ID. We will give you the price.

The only thing we will do is change the background, so if you want to edit the photo and remove red eye before you send us it you can. We don’t touch the people in the photo, only the background/hair adjustments.

When you’re at the very last step for checkout, you will be supplied with a First, middle, last and the county where to send the money to. You will need to go into a western union location and fill out their required form. Once you have done you will send the money to the name provided. USD only. You will be supplied with a receipt with a “MTCN”. This is a tracking number for your payment. Type the MTCN into the box and your information and submit it to us. We will pickup your payment within 24 hours.

Once your order goes to “Payment Received”, it is estimated to take about 1 to 2 weeks to receive the product. If there is an issue with your order this can cause a delay. You can follow the status and get your tracking from your order page.

We accept Bitcoin & Western Union.